ROOTS. WOUNDS. WORDS. offers creative non-fiction workshops for Us.

It's for Us poverty-born. Us black. Us Latinx. Us brown. Us POC. Us felons. Us formerly incarcerated. Us queer. Us trans. Us LGBTQIA+. Us mentally ill. Us people with diability/ies. Us trauma survivors. Us marginalized. Us brazen. Us renegades. Us fighters. Us womynx. Us... 

ROOTS. WOUNDS. WORDS. will help you to lean into your wounds. Serve your sacred voice.  Honor your battle scars.

Workshops are offered both in Brooklyn and online. Each session, storytellers will read, watch and listen to some of the greatest storytellers of our time. Storytellers will also discuss craft (characterization, dialogue, scene, voice...) while writing your own real-life stories - stories that stem from your lived experiences. Under the direction, love & care of Roots. Wounds. Words. founder Nicole Shawan Junior, by the end of the workshop storytellers will pen at least two peer-reviewed pieces. At our final session, each writer will workshop one piece and receive useful and affirming feedback.  In person workshop finales are celebratory... we eat food in abundance and pour heavy libations. 

ROOTS. WOUNDS. WORDS. is a safe and sacred space.  All writing is honored.

The workshop is capped at between 10 - 15 writers so that everyone will receive the love and attention our roots, wounds and words deserve.  Don't overthink it. Don't let fear paralyze your progress. Just Register.  ROOTS. WOUNDS. WORDS. is what we need to heal. It's what we need to break free.

They shame us for not going to the police. They shame us for waiting too long to file a report. They shame us for being girls with asses that roll like mountains when we walk. For being women with breasts that bounce even when barricaded by bras. For having no ass or tits at all. For being pretty. And ugly too. These muthafuckas shame us for breathing.
— Nicole Shawan Junior