Roots. Wounds. Words. is more than a workshop.

It's a journey.

One specifically for Us.

Check out what fierce Womxn writers who've joined the Roots. Wounds. Words. journey are saying about it.

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1. My experience in the [Roots. Wounds. Words.] workshop helped me to break through my fear of being an honest writer. “Honest” as in allowing myself to be vulnerable and exposing parts of myself that I usually keep hidden. 

2. The workshop took place at 7:30 pm, which worked well for my schedule. The content of the workshop was invaluable. Not only did we read our peers' pieces, we read additional pieces from established writers, which allowed us to learn different writing techniques and styles. Also, because the selected excerpts were so intriguing, I went on to read entire books from which excerpts were taken (Rabbit and The Glass Castle). 

3. Each week was very focused and intentional. One week we'd focus on a different element of writing (voice, characterization, imagery, dialogue, etc.). After the workshop, we'd practice that particular writing element from class. 

4. Although Nicole was extremely professional in her approach and teaching style (starting class promptly and giving thorough feedback), she was personable and caring as well. She is real and didn't give cliche suggestions for our work. I trusted that she would give me positive feedback, but constructive criticism as well. 

5. One of the best aspects of the class was being able to write with transparency...without the white gaze. Without apprehension of offending non minorities. I once read, that it takes courage for a black person to speak to a white world, and this is so true. However, I left the workshop ready, equipped with the confidence to put my work out there...written for a specific audience, but to be read by everyone. 

6. Overall, this writing workshop was the shit. It was hard trying to explain to friends and fam why I couldn't talk to them after the weekly conferences. Sometimes they were so intense, I couldn't speak to anyone for the rest of the night. A few of us have decided to keep in touch and hold each other accountable, even after the class has ended. 

7. I would def recommend this workshop to those who want to get into a routine of writing and to those who are ready to take the necessary work of becoming a better writer and reader. 

- LaTasha

[The] Roots. Wounds. Words. writing workshop is the catalyst for my re-commitment to the craft. The workshop afforded me the opportunity to work with a circle of talented writers. Nicole is professional, nurturing and extremely insightful. Her spiritual energy is contagious. Her honest and caring heart created a safe space for sharing my most private thoughts and experiences. She is a master teacher; the content was relevant, rigorous and challenging. She encouraged me to dig deep, get naked and bleed on the paper. As a result, I have changed from someone who just didn’t write that much to someone who is literally scribbling every brilliant word, phrase, sentence or thought that comes to mind on any piece of paper available. I am grateful to have been a part of this awesome workshop. I would recommend this workshop to any writer seeking to hone their craft, one who wants a critical eye and suggestions to improve or just encouragement to keep going. Nicole is the sugar on top pushing you, encouraging you, challenging you, enlightening you and holding you accountable.

- Sayyah

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"I participated in this workshop with Nicole and it was incredible. I really enjoyed the intimate nature of the setting, its central location and the amount of people she has in one session. I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable and the session itself was very organized. Nicole is a great instructor! She has a lullaby voice and ensures her participants feel seen and heard. Participating in this workshop gave me the wings to write a very vulnerable essay. Compared to other writing workshops that I've attended, this one had more of a family-feel which contributed to the comfort in the room. Thank you, Nicole! Please take her class, you will not regret it!"

- Destiny

"I walked in petrified. I walked out calm, breathing, full. I wept and I laughed and I marveled. What an extraordinary gift, and an extraordinary group of women. Nicole's presence is riveting. One feels capable of more just by being held in her gaze."


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"Sister Nicole is The Truth. She 'runs this,' as the song goes. She is altogether ordered, strategic, logical, free spirited, strong, gentle, wise and foolish. Safe space abounds!"

- Traicee


"Nicole, thank you for allowing us to dig into our deepest fears in writing, and overcoming them with your thoughtful, kind and sensitive approach to the diversity in this class."




"Creating from a deep space was scary, but affirming and worth it. Thank you for leading me on that journey."


"I came fearful and ready to defend myself because I had to in other workshops. I felt relieved and even slightly healed by this experience. The workshop was simply amazing. I am grateful because I feel empowered and rich."


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"Nicole was an excellent facilitator, & I feel really grateful to have been a part of this accessible space, & hear the words of the women who attended."

- Darwin


"An experience of exploration, sharing connection in our writing. A simply divine time."



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"Roots. Wounds. Words. workshop created a safe space for sharing our writing and encouragement for growth."



"Roots. Wounds. Words. helps you locate your voice."

- Danielle S.




"A fundamentally important start, space, to begin, or reignite the power of our words."

- ys